Hotel in Mexico has recycled storm drain pipes as rooms

The TuboHotel in Mexico opened in 2010 and have recycled storm drain pipes for rooms and offers a beautiful view of the mountains.

Tourists have been flocking to stay in their rooms which are nothing but recycled storm drain pipes. Located in the village of Tepozltan, which is about an hour from Mexico City, the hotel offers rooms with a comfortable queen-sized bed that can accommodate two people and a beautiful view of the Sierra del Tepozteco outside of Cuernavaca mountains from the glass door.


The hotel owner Robb Anderson said he stumbled upon the concrete pipes only by chance.

According to Daily Mail, Anderson said, “The tubes were just lying there doing nothing so one day we asked if we could use them, they said yes so we decided to make a hotel.”

Though the facilities at the unusual hotel are really basic, each tube room comes with a bed, a night-lamp, fan and storage inside. The funny bit, however is, despite being made from drainpipes, the hotel’s toilets are in two separate bath houses, nearby. The hotel owner had even well prepared for a situation where if the tourists in the hotel get bored of the basics, to add a bit of glam to the concrete set-up, the TuboHotel offers cooking classes with a celebrity chef.

According to TripAdvisor, guests can stay in the rooms for around £31 in the week and £35 at weekends.

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