Incredible Video – Without a Parachute, Sky Diver Plummets 25,000-feet Into a Net

Skydiver Luke Aikins makes history by successfully jumping without a parachute from 7.6km (25,000ft) in California.

Luke Aikins was greeted by family and friends who witnessed him make history. The 42-year-old husband and father immediately hugged his wife.

The historic feat by the third-generation skydiver took place in the Southern California desert of Simi Valley and was broadcast live on Fox.

Aikins has over 18,000 jumps and has performed a variety of skydiving stunts.

“I pushed myself further physically and mentally than ever before,” said Aikins, who practiced the dive, called ‘Heaven Sent’, using an even smaller net.

“I had to prove that it could be done.”

In the amazing aerial footage below, you can see Aikins practicing his landing move, flipping over on his back, in mid-air.

Watch the Jump below:

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