Inside the World’s largest cave

Designated a Unesco World Heritage site in 2003, the remarkable Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, Vietnam, contains the oldest karst mountains in Asia, formed approximately 400 million years ago. Riddled with hundreds of cave systems – many of extraordinary scale and length – and spectacular underground rivers, Phong Nha is a speleologists’ heaven on earth.

The Rao Thuong river flows fast through the Son Doong cave system, continuously forming new chambers and passages. 



The first and last nights of the expedition are spent camping inside Hang En, considered the most spectacular campsites in Asia.




Limestone formations such as stalagmites and stalactites are formed when water containing dissolved calcium carbonate drips through cave ceiling and creates rings.



The climb down from a section down as the ‘Garden of Edam’ leads to the second camp site.



The enormous exit of Hang En, the third largest cave in the world is 120 meter high and 140 meter wide. 



From the second camp site inside Hang Son Doong visitors can stare out of an erosion hole and catch stars on clear night.







It is so massive that it contains its own jungle, underground river and localised weather system. 



A narrow passageway connects the two sections of Hang En.



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