New cafe in Germany where everything is upside down


  • Toppels’ roadside cafe in Wertheim, Germany, opened earlier this year 
  • Outside, the house seems to be sitting on its roof with the garage at the top
  • Inside, the furniture is all hanging from the ceiling, so it looks topsy turvy

A new cafe in Germany has become a social media star thanks to the fact that everything is upside down.

The Toppels’ roadside cafe in Wertheim opened earlier this year and it was an instant hit with tourists, who were unable to get their heads around the baffling layout.

Outside, the house appears to be sitting on its roof, while a car hangs precariously parked at the top of the building.


Meanwhile, inside the decor is even more confusing.

The house and cafe belong to an imaginary family called the Toppels and their possessions are laid out throughout the property.

 In the bathroom, the sink, toilet and bath are all topsy turvy, prompting numerous photo opportunities where visitors pose with their heads in the loo.


In the kitchen, a meal is laid out on the table, hanging from the roof, and in a child’s bedroom, a car racing kit is suspended above the ground.


The layout means that visitors can pose in the rooms for photos with their feet on the ground, but it appears in pictures like they are actually standing on the ceiling.


Unsurprisingly, scores of selfie-loving visitors are relishing the photo shoot potential the house offers.

They have been posing up on a storm and sharing the images on sites like Instagram and Facebook.

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