The mysterious Round Island that Moves

This sounds like a lost episode of Lost but it’s real. The Eye, a mysterious island in Argentina that appears to be in the shape of a perfect circle and moves about in a circular body of water. It looks a little like the pupil of an eye moving around in the iris, hence the name “The Eye.” What is it?

According to the web site, The Eye was discovered six months ago by Argentine producer and film director Sergio Neuspiller, who was looking for a location to shoot a horror movie about UFOs, mysterious lights, ghostly creatures and other paranormal events that occurred on a remote island. What he found convinced him to ditch the film and go into the mysterious island exploration business.


The Eye is located in the Paraná Delta area between Zarate and Campana near the Parana River. It appears to be a perfect circle with a diameter of 120 meters (394 feet) surrounded by a slightly larger body of water also shaped like a perfect circle. When Neuspiller’s team looked at it using the time control tool in Google Earth, they saw the island move around the circle of water and rotate on its own axis. (See for yourself at coordinates (34 ° 15 ‘07.8 “S) and (58 ° 49’ 47.4” W))

The web site says that the initial expedition to the island encountered “impenetrable vegetation and swamps” that kept them from reaching it. A second trip on a different path took them to The Eye.


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