Beauty with Brains

She is a Supermodel. 

She is a Supergeek.

She is the Victoria’s Secret model who has multi-faceted talents.

This 34 year-old Lyndsey Scott is a Software Engineer from Amherst College who started modeling and acting in New York City. Today, she is a model for many prestigious brands such as DKNY, Victoria’s Secret, Louis Vuitton and many more. She also became the first African-American model to receive a Calvin Klein exclusive contract.


On the other hand, Lyndsey Scott is ranked as one of the top iOS responders on Stack Overflow and can code in Java, Python, C++, Objective-C and MIPS. She has also done video tutorials guest starring Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg! She has been featured in many top shows for her programming skills and has also received a “Lifetime of Inspiration” award from Harvard University’s Women in Business organization.

Check out her Resume:

Watch this video for an inspiring speech during Facebook’s International Women’s Day Celebrations.

Yet, this beautiful geek is no stranger to criticism like beautiful women are not smart enough.

Check out what some “Idiots” wrote on Reddit.

Her glorious response to the criticism on Reddit titled ‘Apparently, it’s impossible for women to be smart and beautiful at the same time,’ have literally made her haters’ mouths shut.

Heard that her next big project is a screenplay that she has written based on real life events.

What an amazing woman!

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