World’s Biggest Beach Clean-up

Thanks to the superb effort by a Lawyer and Environmentalist Afroz Shah, the Versova beach in
Mumbai which was once a dumping ground full of plastics and other trash, has been transformed
into a beautiful coastline where the sea turtles can safely nest. The clean-up project involved
removal of 5 million kilograms of plastic from the 2.5 kilometre beach in 85 weeks by thousands of volunteers!!

Afroz Shah has inspired many volunteers to join him – from slum-dwellers to Bollywood
stars, from school children to politicians. He was the 2016 Champion of the Earth as recognized by the UN which called the project the “world’s largest beach clean-up project”.

The ocean dumps plastic and other filth on to the beach every rainy season but a volunteer said that with regular clean ups, the situation is changing for the better. They have about 500 volunteers cleaning up on the weekends and many school kids are also contributing to this effort.

Check the video below:

As sea turtles are vulnerable and are slowly making a comeback from the brink of extinction, this
major beach clean-up project, with a view to protect them and save the environment, has been a
great achievement. These sea turtles have made a comeback to the Indian beach for the first time in decades. He told The Guardian, “I had tears in my eyes when I saw them walking towards the

As Afroz Shah continues to take up other projects, he also wants to inspire many similar groups
across India and abroad to revolutionize the world by launching their own clean-up movements.

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