Indian Independence Day – Shocking facts

India got Independence on August 15, 1947. There are several things that people do not know about our Independence day. We are presenting some interesting facts. Check them below.

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru was not elected the first Prime Minister.

It was Sardar Patel who won the elections. Nehru didn’t want to be placed in second position. Because of his closeness to Gandhi and the confidence on Nehru (by Gandhi) he was made the PM.

2. Congress party would not have existed if Gandhi was not killed.

Gandhi wanted to dissolve the party as Indian National Congress achieved its goal of Independence. Because of his sudden death, the party exists even now.

3. Jammu and Kashmir would have been part of Pakistan.

Whether we like it or not J & K would have been part of Pakistan if they were a tad bit patient. A quote from Lord Mountbatten reads “By sending its irregular troops into the state, Pakistan spoiled the whole thing.” Pakistan sent tribesman into J & K in 1947 to attack and conquer it.

4. Original design of the flag was not by Gandhi.

It was Pingali Venkayya who designed the Indian National flag. Also only Khadi can be used to make our flag. Any other material used can land you in jail with a fine and imprisonment of upto 3 years. Beware.

5. Why August 15?

India shares its Independence Day with South Korea.  15 August was chosen as the day of Independence for India by Louis Mountbatten. He picked the particular date because it was the same date in 1945 that Japan had surrendered to the Allied Forces at the end of World War II.

6. Goa was not part of India.

Until 1961 Goa was not part of India. Portugal never reciprocated to India’s request for conceding Goa to us. Only on 19 December 1961 did we get Goa.

Interesting and shocking facts, RIGHT!!!

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