Mahanubhavudu Theatrical Trailer and EXCLUSIVE STORY

Mahanubhavudu Telugu Movie Official Theatrical Trailer was released to tremendous response. Sharwanand & Mehreen Kaur Pirzada are the hot pair.

Music by Thaman S. is already rocking the charts.

Written and directed by Maruthi the trailer reminds us of Bhale Bhale Magadivoy. It is a Malayalam freemake of North 24 Kaatham.

Mahanubhavudu story – from Malayalam:

Our hero Sharwa is a geeky software architect who suffers from Obsessive–compulsive personality disorder. His colleagues find it hard to work with him due to his emotional outbursts and odd mannerisms, though the company leadership values him as a core asset to the organization. His colleagues hatch a plan to send him off to a different place to demonstrate on a webinar, one of company’s top selling products, which also happens to be developed by the hero. Unfortunately for him, the date of his journey coincides with a Strike day. En route to the city, in the middle of the night, his co-passenger Vennela Kishore receives a call informing him that his wife is seriously ill. As soon as the train leaves the station, Kishore, growing concerned about his wife’s health decides to change his plan and return to his hometown to attend to his ailing wife.

Seeing the situation, another passenger Heroine Mehreen, a social worker, decides to join Kishore. They get down at a railway station. In the confusion to get down at the station, Kishore accidentally drops his cell phone on the train before disembarking. Hero notices the ringing phone when Kishore’s friend calls him up to inform about his wife’s death. He picks the call and hears the sad news. Not knowing how to react in this situation, he also gets down at the station in the pretext of forgetting his bag on the train. He decides to follow Mehreen and Kishore on their return journey. The plan not only upsets his daily routine and schedule, but also disturbs his standard of hygiene. Mehreen on the other hand is carefree and unlike Sharwa, goes out of her way to help others. The journey becomes a learning experience for Sharwa and how he understands and overcomes various trying situations in life. The films ends with Sharwa and Mehreen falling in love and him finally overcoming his OCPD.

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