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The combination that the entire TFI was waiting for, a long time, has finally hit the screens. 

Maatala maantrikudu Trivikram Srinivas and Chethala Maantrikudu Young Tiger Jr. NTR have come together for Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava (ASVR). 

The Director has made it clear that this movie will look at the other side of Rayalaseema violence. There will be no heroism elevation scenes or hard mouthed dialogues. 

True to his words the movie shows the other side of violence. How will the women in the house wait for a husband who is a factionist? How will the kids the kids react?

Is violence the only way to solve problems ? The movie hits all above points and created tremendous impact. 

The fresh love story between the pair, some nice  comedy episodes with Sunil are the major highlights of first half. The first half hour will give goosebumps. NTR is at his best and we have to say that sky is the limit when NTR brings out his inner actor. 

The second half has some violence and last half hour is again a big highlight of the movie. 

The movie is definitely going to become a Blockbuster. No doubt about it. Go and enjoy.

Rating is not required for such movies but if anyone insists then it is 4/5. 

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