Geetha Govindam movie review – From M*******d to Madam

Yevade Subrahmanyam  – He  mesmerized movie buffs with his superb unconventional role

Pelli Choopulu – He wooed all family audience with his boy next door character

Arjun Reddy – He became an instant heartthrob to college going students and masses. He became an icon, a brand and a Superstar material.

Geetha Govindam – He is now catering for all audience types in TFI. College students, families, youth and masses.

A SUPERSTAR IS BORN. In our age we can proudly say “We saw a Superstar in the making.”

What a show it has been form Vijaya Deverakonda @TheDeverakonda. Stellar performance for a regular script. Rashmika Mandanna smashes it with her portrayal as well. She did an author backed role and not many heroines get these kind of roles.

The story is simple. A boy (Vijay – as Vijay Govind) sees a girl (Rashmika – as Geetha) in a temple and falls for her. They meet again in a bus and an unfortunate incident occurs which makes Geetha to hate Vijay. As fate has it, they meet again in a marriage and are forced to continue their journey for marriage shopping.

She tortures him to the core with her antics and he softly bares her torture. Finally an incident makes Geetha to find out the good side of Vijay and she falls for her. As fate has it, things turn other way. To know more about what happened in the bus and the misunderstanding, watch the movie on Big Screen.


This movie will surely move Vijay into A List stars. He will amaze you with his performance and his toned down acting. What a contrast from his dominant performance from Arjun Reddy. He takes abuses from the heroine, never open up his brash performance. What a contrast. He calls the heroine “Madam” most of the time. He is a dream to watch and with this movie TFI is assured of future movie openings of Vijay on par with  PK, Mahesh and Jr. NTR movies.

Rashmika is not a one film wonder anymore. She has “eyes to die for” and she doesn’t even need dialogues. She can pull it off with her eyes alone. What an actor. If she continues these author backed roles, there is no stopping her from ascending the Top chair.

Go watch the movie and enjoy it.


Stellar performances from Vijay and Rashmika.

Scintillating chemistry between the lead pair.

Ample comedy with Rahul Ramakrishna and Vennela Kishore.

Enjoyable first half.



A tad bit slow second half

Routine story


Rating: 3.75/5.0 MUST WATCH

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