Keshava movie review – MUST WATCH – Nikhil might put a stop to Baahubali mania

The action packed film Keshava has hit the marquee on Friday. Nikhil and director Sudheer have already collaborated and delivered hits like Swamy Ra Ra, Karthikeya and Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada. Will the duo be able to relive the success again? Another million dollar question is how the audience will receive Nikhil’s film as the audiences are still to come out of Baahubali mania.
Nikhil suffers from a rare heart condition – Dextrocardia. As a result, the actor has to keep his emotions under leash and and subdue his rage in order to stay alive. What forms the crux of the story is how he manages to avenge the wrongs done to him even while keeping his emotions under control. Let’s see if the film lives up to its tagline – Revenge is a dish, best served cold.
The viewers are reacting positively to the film. Many feel that the filmmaker has presented a water-tight narration. This elevates an otherwise routine fare. The first half is intriguing with twists and turns and rides high on emotions. The second half has a slower narration. Comic elements are missing from the film.
Here’s audience review for you:
#Keshava very serious revenge movie.. with very good twists to keep audience engaging..#music#photography 👌.. with good comedy..
— Kirthi (@BANDLA7) May 19, 2017
interesting concept.motivation songs.super successful hero.innovative Director.. fashionate Producer..super positive buzz in public
— Eluru Sreenu (@elurucnu) May 19, 2017
#Keshava slow paced and predictable movie…last twist better undadam valla avg movie anipinchindi
— Laxman Anishetty (@laxman_219) May 19, 2017
#keshava – Good screenplay but d choice of style over emotion makes one nonchalant.. Sad! Rithu and Kishore 👏 Nikhil – 👍 Cinematography 🙌🏼
— Varun Kilaru (@varunkilaru) May 19, 2017
#keshava old routine revenge genre with slow pace narration. @actor_Nikhil bro expected more.. not satisfied this time! 😞@sudheerkvarma 👎👎
— AchyutSrinivasan7 (@Achyut97As) May 19, 2017
Ultimate revenge drama #Keshava@sudheerkvarma@actor_Nikhil@riturv. Extraordinary bgm and visuals👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
— saee (@saeekoundinya) May 19, 2017
#Keshava 1st half is very good. A Serial killer, Murder(s) investigation has been dealt in engaging way.

For its genre, successful so far

— Telugu360 (@Telugu360)

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