Thousands of dollars found inside Domino’s pizza box

A San Jose, USA, woman got a little more than she bargained for when she ordered lunch.

Selena Avalos had ordered chicken wings from her local Domino’s, but something wasn’t right. Thinking that her order was accidentally swapped, she opened the box.  Instead of finding food, she found a stack of thousands of dollars inside.

She told that she could immediately guess where the cash had come from – it was the restaurant’s bank deposit.

Watch a video from NBC news:


Selena called the branch of Domino’s back. “Wouldn’t they be thinking, ‘Where did that money go?’” she asked. No one called her back.Weirdly, she didn’t hear back until 24 hours later.When she did, however, the company came round to collect the cash.

For her honesty, Avalos’ employer is giving her a week off with pay, plus she gets free Domino’s pizza for an entire year.

The branch of Domino’s probably needs to rethink the way it deals with its bank deposits.

Especially since this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

In September last year, Mike Vegas also got a wad of cash after ordering wings. Although not quite so much.

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