US Presidential Election: Midnight votes in, Trump takes the lead

The first votes from the US Presidential Election were cast and counting has completed. With overnight in-person voting completed, Trump carries a seven-vote lead over Clinton, 32-25

With eight residents voting, Dixville Notch has spoken and the results are Hillary Clinton 4, Donald Trump 2, Gary Johnson 1.

Nearby Millsfield, which also voted at midnight, delivered a big win for Trump, who scored 16 votes to Clinton’s 4.

Meanwhile, Clinton rallied to a narrow victory in Hart’s Location, outscoring Trump by a 17-14 margin, with Johnson gaining another three votes and two more voters volunteering Sanders.

Barring any hitches, the result will be clear by midnight when the last state of Alaska releases its exit poll. Expect the result to be announced by around 9:30am India time on Nov 9 (11pm ET November 8).

Polls start closing on November 8th 6pm Eastern Standard Time (Nov 9th 4:30am India time) in Indiana and Kentucky, and end at midnight EST (10:30am India time) in Alaska.

Next up, polls in a further five states, including the battleground swing state of Florida, close at 8pm EST (Nov 9, 6:30am India)

The busiest time will be after 8pm, when 20 states’ polls are closing. Swing states in this batch include Illinois and Michigan.

Finally Alaskan polling stations will shut their doors at midnight.

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