Apple ‘iPhone 8’ already in the works, report says

The next iPhone is being developed at offices in Israel and will feature a “radical redesign,” reports Business Insider.

Many Apple fans are still trying to get their hands on a new iPhone 7, but we’re already hearing rumors about the iPhone 8.

2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and Apple has something major planned to celebrate the occasion. We’re more than a year away from the launch of the iPhone 8, but because of Apple’s ambitious plans for the device, there are already an abundance of rumors hinting at the impressive features coming in the 2017 iPhone.

Rumors suggest it’s going to be a radical redesign, with an edge-to-edge display that does away with the top and bottom bezels where features like the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and the front-facing camera are housed. Instead, Touch ID and the camera may be built directly into the display, meaning there will be no Home button. The new iPhone may look like a single sheet of glass.

Apple is developing hardware for the iPhone 8, which will be released next year, at an office in Israel,Business Insider reported on Wednesday, citing an unnamed local employee. The iPhone 8 will feature an improved camera, the employee told Business Insider.

This latest report also adds weight to the rumor Apple could break from its naming tradition in 2017. The next iPhone should be called the iPhone 7S, but “S” updates have traditionally been incremental and focused on software. Next year is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and Apple is expected to pull out all the stops. Other names that have been floated for Apple’s next phone are the iPhone X or iPhone Anniversary.

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