SIM cards of Naeem being analysed by SIT; analysis set to create a storm

SIM cards of Naeemuddin aka Naeem, the gangster killed in Hyderabad, are being analysed by Special Investigation Team. A total of 500 SIM cards that belong to Naeem and his accomplices have been seized by authorities.

Call data analysis is moving at a fast pace. Authorities have identified cell towers and traced back several calls to these towers. A link is being established between the timing of the calls and the numbers stored in these SIM cards.

Several high profile people and officials are now very concerned that their names will be identified based on call data. Extortion charges and land grabbing charges are some of the charges on him. Several businessman are hoping that if their names are identified in the call logs, they will get some relief.

We have to wait and see where this goes.

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