U-TEL mobile app – Public grievance app by Telangana Government

K T Rama Rao (KTR) Minister for IT, Municipal Administration and Urban Development is taking up initiatives to solve the problem of common people.

Under his directions a new mobile app and Web portal U-TEL, which means ‘Urban TELangana’ or ‘YOU TELL’, is being launched. The app is being tested by various Municipalities. Each municipality will be given a unique user id and password. Complaints will be lodged by the public and will be directed to the respective municipality. Actions taken by them will be logged in the system.

Currently training sessions are being conducted for employees of municipalities. 6 common problems that people may raise are identified and categories have been created, it is learnt. Roads and Drainage, Revenue, Cleanliness, Waste product disposal, Street lights, Water supply will be some go the categories. People can go in the app or portal, log in their problem against the specific category.

Once the complaint is logged it will be seen by all higher authorities. So there will be transparency in the system and peoples problems will be solved in a timely manner.

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