Ramanananda Maharshi – Viral video

In the past few days we have seen viral posts of an Indian Guru, Ramanananda Maharshi. There were several Facebook and Whatsapp shares of his photo where he is wearing shorts, riding a jet ski, relaxing on a chair etc.

Abuses and counter reactions were going on in full swing. A purported video, probably from their own channel, was also released. This was in reaction to the said posts.

So let’s analyze whether the attire of a celebrity/Guru/Yogi/Actor etc. matters in real life. Since we are particularly talking about Indian Gurus, let’s see how their dressing was when in India and abroad.

First and foremost of all would be the greatest Swami Vivekananda who personified Indian Culture in Chicago, USA. On September 11, 1893, Parliament of World Religions took place in Chicago and we all know the history his speech made at that event. In his tour of USA, he visited several places. Here are some of his pictures.

Wearing a turban is usually the style that Swami Vivekananda followed around the world. But at times, he did not wear the turban. That didn’t change who he was and what he did. It is not just in USA, even in India, he sometimes removed the turban. Check below:


Vivekananda (centre) with other disciples of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Photo Courtesy: Belur Math (PUBLISHED IN THE WEEK 25 JUNE 2017)

The pics below are from USA and you can see the charm in Swamiji’s face without the turban. He has a beautiful hat and he looks awesome and trendy in that look. Right?

Does it change who he is? Does it change the fact that he is Self-Realized? Does it change the fact that he is one of the most revered Gurus in the World? NOT AT ALL!


Now, let’s think about the great Guru Paramahamsa Yogananda. He is an unparalleled Guru and his book Autobiography of a Yogi is one of the most distributed spiritual books around the world. He is a revered Guru in the USA, who came from India. He was always in a samadhi state and never looked back.

Let’s see some of his pictures. Below is his picture when he is meditating. Look at the intensity in his face.

Now let’s look at some more meditation pics:

Wow, what is he wearing? A T-shirt!!! DOES IT MATTER? I guess the Universal answer is NO. Look at the peace and bliss in his face. That is what matters. Awesome, just awesome!!!

Look at the cross around his neck! DOES IT MATTER? Hell, NO! It’s his bliss and supreme state that matters! 

Also, he never stopped and looked back to see if he was wearing a particular clothing or not.

Check pics below:

Wearing a suit!!!! Again, DOES IT MATTER? Does it change who he is? Does it change the fact that he is Self-Realized? Does it change the fact that his book is one of the most read in the World? NOT AT ALL.

Several Yogis and Gurus have changed their attires over the years when they were in India and abroad. Riding horses, hunting with a rifle, riding a motorbike/dirt bike, playing golf, cricket, soccer, all these things have been done and are being done by Gurus all over the world. Is there anything wrong here? Does their state change? Does their samadhi state change? Do they suddenly lose their meditation union with the Absolute?


A Yogi or a Guru who takes life as it comes, is himself, whether he is in a t-shirt, shorts, suit, cap, gown, wears a cross, rides a bike, horse, boat, plays golf, cricket, soccer, etc. is the REAL GURU, as they are always in a state of union with the Supreme Consciousness, wherever they are or whatever they do. NO EXCEPTIONS. Kudos to such Gurus!!!

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