Most Intense TV moment ever – Video from BBC Planet Earth

BBC Planet earth opening episode was telecasted on TV and the episode contained quite possibly the most horrifying, the most fascinating, and the most unforgettable piece of wildlife footage we’ve ever seen.

The nailbiting showdown between the racer snakes and baby iguana of Fernandina island on the BBC nature show was simply impressive. In the great battle of racer snakes v marine iguana, we are sure you will be on the side of the iguana. It’s hard to find people who were cheering on the snakes of Fernandina island.

In the standout scene of the show, one baby iguana, just hatched, starts its run as dozens of chaser snakes emerge, like ropes thrown out of the rocks, slaloming across the shingle, red tongues zipping and unzipping mouth holes.

The footage had many people yelling at their TV screens, while other people preferred to yell from behind the couch. And we don’t blame them, because the scene unfolds like something out of a horror movie. See for yourself, but be warned: it’s pretty brutal…

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