This girl wanted to commit suicide after a heartbreak and this is what happened after she googled for ways

A woman in Bareilly decided to end her life after the man she loved called it quits with her. According to a Times of India report, the 24-year-old went to the Yamuna Canal 4 km from Saharanpur to end her life by jumping into the water but she changed her mind mid-way and started looking for less painful options. Like anyone else who would look for answers, she turned to Google to look for ways to commit suicide. But what appeared on her screen next changed her mind and saved her life.

The woman was shown suicide helpline numbers which lead her to call on one and get help. Reportedly, the line got connected to the office of the deputy inspector general of police who managed her to convince her to come and meet him. The woman visited him and he listened to her story.

“On January 3, I got a call from the girl on my public number. She was quite nervous and was about to end her life. She told me she had even searched how to kill herself on Google. Among the search results, she told me, she found my number. I heard her out and told her to come to my office so we could talk about it in detail,” DIG Jitendra Kumar Shahi told TOI.

She told him she took the step because she couldn’t get over the man who decided to part ways after being in a relationship with her for a couple of years. Reportedly, he got a government job after which his family pressurised him to leave the girl.

“We come across such cases every day. Sometimes girls level harassment or assault charges after a relationship ends. This girl was just deeply traumatized and wanted help. She made no allegations against her boyfriend and in fact spoke warmly of him. I asked the station officer of the women’s police station to counsel the couple and look into the matter,” Shahi was quoted as saying.

The girl was then sent for councelling. In fact, the boy was also called by councellors and told about the options they had in front of them. “On the day the girl met the DIG, he sent her to me and I advised her to become stronger and that there was no need to be afraid of anybody. Today, we summoned the boy and also had a counselling session with him, in the presence of the girl and advised the couple about the options they had to live better lives and have a good future,” Station Officer Prabha Singh told TOI.

Well, kudos to Google for coming up with the algorithm because it indeed shows suicide helpline numbers if you look for ways to commit suicide.


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