WATCH: New Zealand policemen dance to Salman Khan’s hit dance numbers!

Salman Khan with his rippling muscles and swag dialogues rule the hearts of Indians. In fact, his fan following goes far and beyond Indian borders, with thousands across the world learning his iconic dialogues by heart, and not to mention those signature moves! Be it the UK or the Middle East, no Bollywood night is complete without a Salman Khan number. Such is the craze, that Dubai recently opened a Bollywood Theme Park, in which Salman’s Dabangg character Chulbul Pandey has a whole dedicated section.

Adding to his fan base, though, is an unlikely set of people — New Zealand’s Christchurch Police Department. Recently, at a Diwali celebration organised by the policemen, a bunch of officers had the crowd in splits dancing to popular Bollywood songs, and boy, were they amazing!

A Facebook video shows police officers on stage being cheered as they danced on ‘Pandey jee seeti’ and ‘Baby ko bass pasand hai’ from the actor’s movies. It starts with a police officer setting the mood with his absolutely killer moves, and with the others, including women joining him to dance. With no holds barred, the officers went on dancing on the Bollywood songs while all of them got together to celebrate the Hindu religious festival of lights — Diwali, in New Zealand. Not only did they do an amazing job of embracing other cultures, they also managed to give Salman’s moves some tough competition!

The serious Salman Khan fans did an amazing job at celebrating Diwali and while at it, also tell the world how big fans they are of the actor.

Watch the video:


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