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Hi myself Ollapumohan. My story is same like u all. I completed my graduation and searched for a job and finally i got a job in a good company and worked for some years, when im doing my job my mind was fully confused about my dreams and life what is the future and what i do in futhure future and some questions are rolling in my mind. can i achieve my dreams with my salary ? Is this is my life ? What was my future and my child ? like this a lot questions and i finally get one conclusion that is i need to do a business which is have no end, i finally find realestste is the best and ever green business and many of people are got rich in this business millionare and billionares…. 

what i learned in my journey i decided to share it with all and i created  my social media profile to educate all about realestate….


About Us

I’m mohan a realestate advisor having agood experience also having a gooh happy customers. Me looking for you also..


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